Lebanon’s parliamentary elections: here’s what you need to know

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New election law seen as a step towards a more inclusive parliament (MEE/Ali Harb)

BEIRUT – Lebanon has scrapped its winner-take-all voting scheme for legislative elections on 6 May, implementing instead a proportional system that opens the door for smaller parties to make it to the parliament in areas where representation had been exclusive to the dominant political forces.

The move is widely hailed as a step towards an inclusive parliament that reflects the population more accurately. However, the new election procedure consists of several legal stipulations, including the preferential vote and sectarian allocations, which make it the most complicated in the country?s history.

A delicate balance

The new scheme has to take into account the country?s delicate sectarian balance, where seats across districts are assigned to various religious sects.

Lebanon has 15 districts in which candidates are competing for 120 seats.

Candidates cannot run on their own. They have…

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