Syrian war has revealed a number of technical flaws of Russian Mi-28 helicopter

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The Russian military intervention in the Syrian War began in 2015. The intervention consisted of air strikes fires by Russian aircraft and attack helicopters, included modern Mil Mi-28s, stationed in the Khmeimim base in North Syria, against militant groups opposed to the Syrian government.

During a military operation in Syria was revealed a number of technical flaws of Mil Mi-28 (NATO reporting name of “Havoc”) modern attack helicopter designed to close air support and destroy operations armoured and un-armoured vehicles, and enemy personnel in combat.

New Russian helicopters have problems with engine installations, avionics, control and navigation systems. Earlier there were cases had an engine control problem and was reported that debris ejected on the launching of rockets could cause catastrophic damage.

According to head of the Russian Federation Council’s Committee for Defence and Security, Viktor Bondarev, Russian defence industry has fixed a number of technical and design flaws of the helicopter, but still have problems with onboard electronics and night vision…

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