« Which Side Are You On? The Western Left’s Obsession with Empire »–Danny Haiphong

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In Gaza


(Meme by Eva Bartlett. « From 50:24 in this video, Ambassador al-Ja’afari: « …too many ambassadors of the United Nations, they come to me and they say, « You know, Bashar, you are right. Your government is right. We know the truth, but we cannot say it. You can God bless you but we cannot say it. » )

Apr 18, 2017, Black Agenda Report

-by Danny Haiphong

“The anti-war left’s attachment to the anti-Assad narrative is based in a colonial mentality which presumes that Westerners have the right to determine the destinies of peoples residing in what was formerly known as the Third World.”

The Trump Administration’s decision to conduct tomahawk missile strikes on a Syrian Arab Army airfield prompted activists in the US to hit the streets in protest. Protesters marched and spoke out against the airstrikes, which killed over a dozen Syrian soldiers on April 6th. The strikes come amidst…

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Solidarité avec les prisonniers : affrontements à Naplouse, Ramallah, Bethléem, Hébron et Khan Younes (Gaza) – 19 mai 2017

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