There Was No Way for Russia to Shoot Down Trump’s Syria Cruise Missiles

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Strategika51 Intelligence

The earth is round. There was never a way Russia’s radars 200 km away could detect relief-hugging missiles.

Could Russia have in some way thwarted Trump’s April 6th cruise missile strike against the Syrian military but chose not to? According to Russian military analysts the answer is no. Bringing down those missiles was never a possibility for the Russian air defense systems in Syria because they are stationed too far away and are not primarily designed to counter cruise missiles.

In other words, the US planned its strike mission around the Russian capabilities and chose precisely the mode of attack that could circumvent Russia’s otherwise potent S-400 and S-300 anti-air systems.

The Americans launched the strike 1,100 km off Syria’s coast. This is too far for even the most powerful Russian radar to detect. The Tomahawk missiles used are old and slow but they are also low altitude. Flying at no more than 50-60 metres off the…

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