Recent Interviews on Syria and Related

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In Gaza

Sharing some interviews done in the past few months at a time when I was too busy to post. Much is old news, related to Aleppo and its liberation, however still quite relevant given that what was discussed proved to be true and corroborated by numerous independent visitors to Aleppo post-liberation, as well as by news on the ground there documenting the crimes of the al-Nusra and affiliated terrorist gangs who occupied eastern areas of Aleppo for years, terrorizing the civilian population.

-Syria: Eva Bartlett interviewed by Ajamu Baraka, Jan 7, 2017 [also here]

On al-Mayadeen, Jan 2, 2017, Al Mayadeen Programs

With Paul Stevenson on Revolution Radio, Jan 23, 2017

What’s Behind the Mainstream Media’s Propaganda Campaign Against Syria?, Dec 2016, Loud & Clear

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-Updates From on the Ground in Syria: June to August 11

The REAL Syria…

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IV. 38 – Le « Printemps arabe » en Syrie et ses suites, raconté(e)s par Mr Fabius

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Une France à refaire... si possible

Le « très remonté » ministre français des Affaires étrangères
et du Développement international,
Laurent Fabius

IV. 38 – Le « Printemps arabe » en Syrie et ses suites,
raconté(e)s par Mr Fabius

Lors d’un « Point de Presse », après son intervention à la « Conférence internationale de haut niveau « Soutenir la Syrie et la région » des 3 et 4 février 2016, le ministre français des Affaires étrangères et du Développement International, Mr Fabius, est très en colère : « Comment voulez-vous qu’il y ait une négociation qui soit efficace si l’opposition modérée, qu’on est parvenu tout de même à faire venir, est en même temps assassinée par ceux avec lesquels elle doit négocier ? » [Diplomatie-gouvernement, 3. Syrie – Conférence internationale de haut niveau « Soutenir la Syrie et la région » – Point de presse de M. Laurent Fabius, ministre des Affaires étrangères et du développement international (Londres, 04/02/2016.] D’une part, ce n’est pas l’opposition qui…

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INTERVIEW WITH EVA KARENE BARTLETT: ‘Syrian people realize that the war on Syria is not about Assad’

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In Gaza


Mar 31, 2017, Global CIR, (translated version)

We had the honor to interview Eva Karene Bartlett. She is well known independent writer and rights activist with extensive experience in Syria and in the Gaza Strip, where she lived a cumulative three years (from late 2008 to early 2013). She documented the 2008/9 and 2012 Israeli war crimes and attacks on Gaza while riding in ambulances and reporting from hospitals.

Since April 2014, she has visited Syria 6 times, including two months in summer 2016 and once month in Oct/Nov 2016. Her early visits included interviewing residents of the Old City of Homs, which had just been secured from militants, and visiting historic Maaloula after the Aramaic village had been liberated of militants. In December 2015, Eva returned to old Homs to find life returning, small shops opened, some of the damaged historic churches holding worship anew, and citizens…

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