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Syria Will Fire Scuds at Israel in Response to Airstrikes

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Strategika 51 Intelligence

The Syrian government has announced that it will retaliate should Israel continue to conduct airstrikes on Syrian territory.

Any further airstrikes onSyrian territory will be met withdeadly force and retaliation strikes deep withinIsraeli soil, they said.

According tothe message, delivered viaRussian mediators, attacks onSyrian military objects will be met withScud missiles launched atIsraeli military (IDF) bases. If Israel attacks civilian infrastructure, Syrian missiles will be fired atIsrael’s Haifa port and petrochemical plant. The missiles will be launched withoutany prior notice, the statement said.

The notice follows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s March 20 statement that protecting its borders is the right and obligation ofevery nation.

« Syria’s forceful response tothe Israeli attacks changed the rules ofthe game, » said Syrian Ambassador tothe UN Bashar al-Jaafari. He added that the threatened response is « appropriate and inline withIsrael’s terrorist operation, » and that Israel « will now think a million times [before striking again]. »

On March 17…

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